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The Clemton Park Public School P&C Association is a not-for-profit organisation which promotes the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation and to assist in providing facilities and equipment for the school and in promoting the recreation and welfare of the students at the school.

Membership of the Clemton Park Public School P&C Association is open to all parents and guardians of pupils attending the school and to all citizens in the school’s catchment area. The Clemton Park Public School P&C Association is always keen to welcome new members.

Join now using our online membership form, or pay your 2024 membership fee via our online fundraising store

PDF Documents
Membership Form
Code of Conduct
Expenses Claim Form

Meet the P&C

P&C Association Executive 2024

President: Sophie Tragoustis
Vice-Presidents: Mohamad Hamad & Simone Marin
Secretary: Dimi Nikoloulias
Treasurer: position currently vacant
Fundraising Coordinators: Helen Panis & Alexandra Karpouzos
Volunteer Coordinator: Victoria Loy
Uniform Shop Coordinator: Shona Silvester
Recycled Uniform Sales Coordinator:
Helen Vatsiaklis
Website Manager: Simone Marin

Roles of the Office Bearers

The following roles have particular responsibilities and are signatories on all P&C bank accounts.

The President is responsible for ensuring the successful functioning of the Association so it can achieve its objectives, a fair participation of all members and consistent adherence to its constitution. The duties of the President include contentious matters of procedure and assisting the progress of discussion. The President may represent the Association at official functions and act as the Association’s spokesperson.
Role of the President

Vice-President x 2
The two Vice Presidents support the role of the President. A Vice President may be required to chair meetings in the absence of the President, support the Treasurer and Secretary as required, and represent the President if the President is not available.

The Treasurer is responsible for complying with financial accountability requirements of the P&C. The Treasurer receives and deposits monies, maintains records, draws cheques and presents accounts. The Treasurer presents a report at each general meeting of income and expenditure. The Treasurer presents all reconciled accounts and ensures that the audited accounts are tabled at the Annual General Meeting.
Role of the Treasurer

The Secretary is the principal administrative officer of the Association and is responsible for carrying out the decisions stipulated. The Secretary prepares, in consultation with the President, all meeting agendas. The Secretary is required to attend every association meeting and take notes of the discussions in order to produce a set of minutes for subsequent distribution to members. Minutes indicate the time, date and location of the meeting, the members in attendance, apologies, chairperson and record of every decision which was supported by majority vote.
Role of the Secretary

Other Executive Roles

Fundraising Coordinator
Plan fundraising events and coordinate sub-committees to run events.

Uniform Shop Coordinator
Manage processing of online orders during school term, process exchanges and returns, manage inventory and ordering of stock, maintain records using electronic funds management software

Recycled Uniform Sales Coordinator
Organise donations and the sale of second-hand uniforms.

Volunteer Coordinator
Co-ordinate volunteers for P&C events, including creating rosters, online sign-ups, volunteer sign-in sheets, and thank you certificates. 

Website Manager
Maintain WordPress website updates; manage website hosting, domain name, and SSL certification; and update website content as require