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Eve’s Wantons

Chinese dumplings on a plate
The kids enjoy helping me make them, and they are yummy!

Savoury snack or starter
Country or culture of origin: China
Number of serves: 6
Special diets: Nut free, Dairy and lactose free, Fish and shellfish free
Difficulty: Beginner cooks
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes

From the family of James H. 

400g pork mince
1 tsp light soy sauce
1 tsp finely chopped ginger
1 tsp finely chopped garlic
2 spring onions, finely sliced (white part only)
1 packet wonton wrappers (or gow gee wrappers)
1 small bowl of water
Dipping sauce
40mL light soy sauce
10mL vinegar

1. In a bowl, mix together the pork mince, soy sauce, ginger, garlic and spring onion.
2. Using a teaspoon, place a small ball of mince mixture on the centre of a wanton wrapper.
3. Dip the tip of a finger into the bowl of water, and wet the edges of the wanton wrapper.
4. Fold over the wanton wrapper to form a triangle.
5. If you wish, join two corners of the triangle (the two base corners of the long side, which is the folded side) and use another dab of water to make them stick together.
6. Put aside and repeat to use up the rest of the mixture.
7. To make the dipping sauce, mix the soy sauce and the vinegar in a small bowl or jug, and pour the sauce into individual sauce bowls.
8. In a large pot of boiling water, boil the wantons in batches of about 8 or 9 wantons for 6-7 minutes. Drain, and serve with dipping sauce.

Serving suggestion: Serve with egg noodles and leafy greens (such as bok choy).